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Sami Earrings
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Anukah Jewelry

Sami Earrings



The Sami has a great minimalistic style. The are from our 'Circulation Collection' that's a representation of movement. For we should always move into a more positive light and from all the negative energy to keep the circulation of positivity flowing.

Anukah earrings are handcrafted in a small studio in Dallas, TX. The collection is a form of artistry, how each piece is creatively designed and handcrafted with just a hammer. Using a minimal of tools, working in small space. The love for creating one of a kind pieces, makes up for the two. Each earring tends to be born into a work of art.

  • 100% Brass & Mix Metals
  • Made in the USA
  • Gold plated post
  • Top Width: 1"
  • Bottom Length: 1 1/2"
  • Lightweight
  • Weight: .02 oz


Anukah Jewelry

Anukah Jewelry

Based out of a small studio in Dallas, TX, Anukah Jewlery offers unique artisanal earrings crafted by hand. Often featuring hammered copper and brass, these hand-tooled metallic pieces are remarkable for their stunning textures and bold designs. Hammering copper and brass by hand produces irregular textures that lend a warmth and authenticity to Anukah Jewelry that factory production cannot reproduce. Because these pieces are sculpted using raw materials shaped by hand, no two are completely alike.

Anukah Jewelry