We were hooked on The Sway's Sabine bag from the moment we first ran our fingers over the buttery leather. We fell even harder for the style when we examined its intricate patchwork up close: the leather pieces are woven together like a quilt. The result is a textured, contoured pattern that looks fantastic and also gets the most use out of the scrap material from which the bag is fashioned.

We finally knew Sabine was a keeper, though, when we realized this piece goes well beyond practicality–it's the equivalent of four bags in one. Check out the different ways to wear this stunner for maximum versatility.

1. Elbow Your Way
Emphasize Sabine's cool bucket shape by tucking the double-strap handle into the crook of your elbow. Let the longer strap dangle for a casual touch.

2. Handle It
Remove the detachable strap altogether and voilà–you've got a streamlined shoulder tote that's equal parts function and fashion.

3. Know When to Fold
The secret to Sabine's versatility is its low-lying zipper. Fold it over on itself and sling the longer strap over your shoulder so that the bag acquires a slouchy, hobo-like shape. 

4. Send a Message
Pull down the side zippers, fold one flap over each side, and extend the strap to turn this multi-tasking accessory into a utilitarian crossbody messenger.

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