After working in corporate insurance for 11 years, Nicola Woods took a sabbatical to travel the world. It was during this journey that the founder and creative director of BEAUTIFUL SOUL LONDON decided to revisit her childhood interest in fashion design. "I found my calling sitting under a cherry blossom tree in the heart of Tokyo," Woods reveals.

That instant was the inspiration for the label's spring-summer 2014 collection, which is dominated by vibrant prints of the ephemeral Japanese flower. "I wanted to translate that life-changing moment, giving it a twist of Notting Hill charm," the designer explains.

Said charm comes through in the label's new lookbook, which takes viewers on a summery journey through the tony London neighborhood. As the name Beautiful Soul suggests, however, the brand's appeal extends beyond its stunning designs and visuals, and to the ethos that is at the company's core. "I have grown the brand from a dream: that luxury fashion can offer a transparent supply chain," Woods says. "The label is committed to a conscious approach to fabric sourcing and environmental impact, as well as local production that supports the regeneration of U.K. manufacturing."