Ever wondered how fashion designers come up with original prints? We picked one of our SS15 favorites, the floral graph-check print by Dolores Haze, and asked designer Samantha Giordano to give us the backstory behind her dreamy design. 

This original Dolores Haze print was inspired by a sentiment of wistful nostalgia (the SS15 collection is entitled "The Stranger I Know"). After taking countless photos of flowers, we turned them into a repeating pattern, then painted over them in shades of pastel.

dolores haze designer sam giordano at work

 Samantha Giordano at work in her Brooklyn studio. Photo by Julia Pinter

While designing the collection, I was looping New Order’s album Power, Corruption and Lies. The album cover art is a painting of flowers, with the bold black text of the album name on the bottom. This informed the design of the print through the juxtaposition of the linear black graph-check with the delicate floral repeat pattern.

Most importantly, we used the environmentally conscious method of digital printing, which prevents toxic dyes from polluting the ocean.