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In honor of Women’s History Month, we wanted to highlight some female founders who are working to make a difference in the fashion industry. It’s no secret that fashion is one of the few industries where women are poised to thrive. However, while women make up 70% of fashion’s workforce, men still hold the majority of managerial positions

As we move forward to a better fashion industry for all, it’s crucial to consider our support of female leaders and figureheads as an integral part of our efforts to reimagine the fashion industry of tomorrow. As a female led ethical brand, Angela Roi hopes to shed some light on these aspects of the fashion industry.



Similarly to fashion’s ironic reluctance towards female leadership, a ​report from Forbes​ notes that “while consumer demand for responsibly-made apparel is on the rise, it seems that most ​retailers are dragging their feet​ when it comes to sustainability efforts.”

Emphasizing how crucial female leadership and ethical fashion are to the future of the industry, impactful female-founded fashion brands and retailers such as ​Girlfriend Collective​ and ​Amour Vert​ are revolutionizing the industry for the good of all creatures. Among these newcomers is ​Angela Roi​, the no-sacrifice handbag brand offering accessories that are both ethically made and exquisitely designed to be approachable to all.



While pursuing a degree at Northeastern University, Angela realized how difficult it was to find a fashionable handbag which was ethically made, cruelty-free, and high quality. Seeing the need for change, she dropped out of school to found ​Angela Roi ​in 2013.

Envisioning a world without compromise, Angela Roi’s handbags are meticulously constructed with the finest non-animal materials in a minimalist, classic-contemporary style. Their designs are tested and held to high standards of durability, showing the industry that you don’t have to harm an animal to achieve a timeless look that’s all your own.

Demonstrating the company’s dedication to ethical practice, the team’s prestigious artisans take pride in their craftsmanship, and are aided by years of expertise, handmade touches, and attention to detail to guarantee that no AR product will end up in a landfill. The company ensures fair wages and comfortable conditions for their artisans through quarterly visits to their factories in Korea, taking a stand against the industry norm of sweatshop labor. 



There are many ways in which Angela Roi has contributed to our evolving understanding of ‘ethical fashion,’ as well as it’s imperative place in fashion’s future. Shifting the narrative around the consumerist values and fast-fashion practices that Black Friday’s discounts promote, the brand staged a “Rebellion Against  Black Friday” last year, urging community members across the globe to donate to causes that matter to them in exchange for a gift code. The initiative was driven by the desire to shift their audience’s holiday focus from “buy more” to “give back,” while still ensuring that fans of the brand could access ethically made products at a more accessible price.

Keeping with their mission to transform the way we think about fashion, Angela Roi has turned the industry on its head by proving that vegan handbags can be held to the same standards as luxury leather products, and that fashion doesn’t have to be harmful. Through their steadfast belief that splendor and virtue can coexist, the brand has called forth a community of independent thinkers who are united by shared values, demonstrating with poise and purpose that responsible practice and female leadership are the way of the Future. 


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