Holding my two children close at night makes my world, ironically, much larger. I constantly wonder, what are they touching, eating, breathing? And in the weary whirlwind of new motherhood, I often think, am I still beautiful? I want to be the best mama for them, to keep them safe and healthy while staying true to who I was before they turned my world wildly upside down.

It’s an incredible balancing act. To a new mother, the earth can seem complex, overwhelming, even discouraging. So with my company, Mamachic Co., I set out to inspire and simplify life for women like me.

I created a garment that both lessens the everyday load for a mama (it can be used as a nursing cover, burp cloth or swaddle blanket) and keeps her self-confidence growing (there are at least 25 ways to style it). Versatility, sustainability and, yes, beauty drive Mamachic.

Video: 15 Ways to Wear the Mamachic Scarf

We source renewable resources like bamboo to create our fabric; we keep our carbon footprint low by choosing eco-friendly vendors within an 80-mile radius of our sew shop; and we proudly manufacture in the U.S.A., at a worker-owned cooperative that pays living wages and gives back to its community. These small but important choices give me peace of mind for my kids’ future–and yours.

Mamachic scarves launched this week on P.S. We’re pretty sure this new-mom must-have will go over well with minimalists and travelers, too.