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They say that necessity is the mother of invention. With Organic Bath Co., that was certainly the case–Gianne Doherty started the line after discovering a gap in the clean beauty market. Doherty had been on the hunt for bath and skincare products that were luxurious but made with all-natural ingredients, and she wasn’t finding what she needed. So, she built a business. Organic Bath Co. now sells luxurious body butters, oils, washes and scrubs for clean beauty lovers who also appreciate a little pampering.

Why the line was started:
“Organic Bath Co. was founded out of a need for simple, organic and natural ingredients, luxurious formulas and visible, skin-loving results.

Several years ago, I started developing hives in reaction to the mainstream lotions and creams I was using. After a bit of elimination and research, I discovered I was reacting to the countless fragrances and preservatives in these products. My partner, Jay, ended up making me an unscented, shea butter-based body cream, which my skin loved. We started making more products for myself, friends and family, and Organic Bath Co. was born.”

organic bath co gianne doherty
Doherty with her go-to winter skin salve: Organic Bath Co.'s organic body butter, Drenched.

Favorite products from the current collection:
“It’s like choosing a favorite child! I have two products that I use daily: Our Enhance face oil–two drops is just what my skin needs to glow, so I can feel confident and go makeup free. I also use the Stress Less body oil at the end of the day after my shower. I apply while my skin is still damp to seal in all the moisture. The Bulgarian lavender is soothing and sets me up for a wonderful sleep!”

One thing every new customer should know about Organic Bath Co.:
“Our tagline is ‘True Beauty Begins With Giving Back,’ and we’re passionate about incorporating that philosophy into our lives whenever and wherever we can. Our ingredients are natural and kind to the planet, we’re Fair Trade Certified, we use post-consumer packaging and we give back with every purchase to our charitable partners, 1% For the Planet and the Global Soap Project. We believe that a business can thrive and still do good as it grows. This has been our goal since day one.”

Organic Bath Co. in three words:
“Pampering, quality, self-care.”


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